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We love working with your small and medium sized business to get your message out on social media.

You provide the content and we can upload it, make it look good and connect it to the relevant platforms.  We provide you with a checklist so you know exactly what we need from you.

  • Social Media Marketing Review – Review your accounts, what you want to accomplish and who your ideal clients are

  • Social Media Plan – Create a plan for the year, and then work the plan

  • Share Content – Ethically sharing others articles with your call to action (example – see the message that is displayed at the bottom)

  • Blog – adding your articles to your blog website with a call to action at the bottom

  • Basic Video Editing – Adding a branded image to the start and end with a call to action eg website address

  • Uploading your video to FaceBook – Adding captions and custom thumbnail

  • Uploading videos to YouTube – adding captions, custom thumbnail and description

  • Uploading posts to your social media accounts

  • Newsletter – branded, with articles, video, products etc depending on what you want

  • Updating your Facebook Banner with description (Facebook will send this out to more people than most other posts) Maximum once a week

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